Amy & Eric’s Wedding at Nanina’s in the Park

 Posted on November 11, 2016      by adrienne

Meet Amy and Eric! Here’s another beautiful wedding at Nanina’s in the Park and another amazing hometown couple! Even though it was back to back, I had so much fun finding new places to shoot, as well as visiting my pals, the incredible staff, at Nanina’s again. Amy  & Eric had a beautiful summer day to make it official! On this Veteran’s Day, I thought it would be fitting to share that Eric served in the US Army.  Thanks for your service, Eric! Amy lived across the street from my best friend growing up.  It was an honor to be with her on such a special day. Amy, you grew up to be a beautiful, sweet, woman!

I adore this couple and I think you will too! I’m also plugging one of my favorite images from their engagement shoot in recognition of today.

All stationary designs:


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I love Eric’s reaction!

amy-eric-43 amy-eric-44 amy-eric-45 amy-eric-46 amy-eric-47 amy-eric-48 amy-eric-49 amy-eric-50 amy-eric-52 amy-eric-53 amy-eric-54 amy-eric-55

Thank you to all who served this country! (Here’s one of my favorites from Eric and Amy’s engagement shoot!)
Veteran's Day, Army, US Army


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