Asbury Park Old Casino & Boardwalk Engagement Session with Jess & Michele

 Posted on October 3, 2011      by adrienne

I set out with Lia on a Sunday afternoon to meet  Michele and Jess in Asbury Park, NJ for my first gay engagement shoot. Before we left, I thought, “What should I do differently with a lesbian couple?”  The answer, NOTHING!  People in love, are people in love – and I happen to love them! It was nice to have something different going on for a shoot, though.  I like to step out of the box!

I barely gave Michele & Jess any direction, they were natural, and just being their normal selves!  That’s my style.  Occasionally, I’d yell out my favorite commercial quote, stirring up plenty of laughter and smiles. I couldn’t help myself!  “I’m Jess, and I’m making your pizza!”  I think a few people may have even recognized her! We had two “photo bombs” where passers-by interrupted and jumped in for shots with the happy couple!  We had an awesome time taking advantage of the outrageously gritty backdrop preserved on this boardwalk.  It’s one of my new favorite spots to shoot!  As we strolled along the boardwalk, I kept finding more shots I wanted to take… never seem to have enough!  ” Just one more guys!” 😉

Here’s a few of my favorites from the day! Enjoy the sneak peek!  Can’t wait for your wedding!


I love the lady looking back…


Bad ass!  (Also, a great arm work out for my assistant!)

How appropriate that we found a cute little detail  that’s special to both Michele & Jess.  It’s a line from a book when they first got together.  “I love you to the moon!”

How could we not!!! I saw these guys coming from a mile away… this needed to happen!


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