Dan & Addison Engagement Session in Hoboken

 Posted on May 28, 2012      by adrienne

Hi Friends!! Wooo-hoo, it’s nice to be blogging again! I’ve been so busy, and it’s gonna be even crazier now that it’s wedding season!  I know there are many posts I need to get up still, but in preparation for Dan and Addison’s wedding this coming Friday, I decided to jump ahead and get some photos out into the world before the big day!

Now, on to the shoot!

I met with Dan & Addison February of 2011 at a cute diner (on a very snowy day ) to talk about shooting their wedding. I had really hoped they would choose me! First of all, they’re both amazingly attractive people, who wouldn’t want to take their pictures? Secondly, They are extremely kind, funny, and bubbly … we’re a perfect match for such a special event! Well, finally working with them was nothing short of what I expected! We had so much fun galavanting around Hoboken!  The days prior and immediately after,  held perfect weather. Unfortunately for us, it ended up being a ridiculously windy day with a bitter chill, but you would never know it in the photos! Addison was such a trooper! These two were so happy and excited, a little bizarre weather didn’t matter to them!  With constant smiles and snuggles, we continued through the beautiful city with new, awesome photo-ops around every corner.  Dan and Addison, you were wonderful! I can’t wait for Friday!



I love how this guy is just doing his thing, reading the paper.



I asked Dan if he was wearing anything fun… I was pleased.







Love the blur of motion around them.


I couldn’t resist these hands!






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