Hillary & Blake at Lauxmont Farms 10/22/11

 Posted on December 29, 2011      by adrienne

I could not wait for Hillary & Blake’s wedding!  The moment they told me it was on a farm, I was smiling from ear to ear!  Since we had so many fun places to shoot in, I had to race them all over the site, using as many areas as I could.  We started the day in the salon where Hillary and her girls were getting their hair and make up.  “Hill” was calm and cool, we all giggled, swapped stories, and enjoyed the morning.  I had a few minutes to sneak back over to Blake at the hotel as he showed off his new accessory.  The couple did not exchange rings. Instead, Hillary chooses to wear her amazing engagement ring, and and Blake wears a handsome bomb proof/water proof/life proof watch as his token and wedding gift.  The farm was beautiful and the coordinator was kind enough to escort me around the property to find the shots I wanted! After the ceremony we snuck in a a few portraits before they were whisked off to the reception.  As the party went through the night, I couldn’t help but fall in love with a little boy who could out dance any guy I’ve ever met – and do it well.  (On that note – I know a lot of dancers – high five lil buddy!)  I was planning for a night shot outside the reception under the stars, just as Hillary and Blake were about to sneak off! HHAHAHA Gotcha!  I held them in my clutches for one more winner, I think it was well worth it!  Here’s a peek at their day.

 Clearly, a woman after my own heart!  “The beach is…that way!”

The “Life proof” watch!

Hillary workin’ it!

My lil guy!!



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