Liberty House Wedding: See Why 2 Dumbasses Married Each Other

 Posted on October 19, 2017      by adrienne

I know, I know. How could I call them dumbasses? I didn’t! They did! Wait? What kind of couple calls one another a “Dumbass”?  Before anyone winds up in a tizzy, this is how Jennifer and Jeffrey jokingly addressed each other on the front of their wedding day cards. This unique term of endearment actually began during their first week of dating! One day they came up with the idea of making greeting cards for all sorts of weird occasions, like, “Congrats on your divorce, dumbass!” (affair, losing your job… you get the picture.) Although they never followed through on making cards, they both secretly remembered the joke. Neither one of them knew the other would write that! Do you think they’re meant to be? I’ve never seen two people enjoy being called a dumbass more than Jen & Jeff (in the most loving way possible). Although they have many cute little nicknames for each other, my favorite reference to the magnitude of their dynamic is that they truly are, and call themselves, best friends. I swear these two could be locked in a spider infested basement together and have the best time. They have each other’s backs in every way and that’s something I’ll never get tired of seeing in my couples.

Tania and I started the day at Jen & Jeff’s house, while my second shooter, Hasan, hung out with the guys over at Jeff’s parent’s house. I noticed how detailed their calligraphy invitations were and had to photograph them! They were handmade by Andi Mejia. Once the order of events went into motion, the day was easy sailing with lots of laughs and plenty of emotional tears…happy tears.

Jen and Jeff made such an incredibly fashionable wedding couple. I’d let them dress me any day! Jen’s gorgeous dress consisted of 3 parts. The skirt was by Badgley Mischka. Her lace top was by Liz Simon, and her sparkle top for the reception was by Martina Lana. Jeff’s tuxedo was custom made by Alexander Nash. They were styling!

After the ceremony, we went to Liberty State Park for photos. Since their wedding was at The Liberty House, we thought that was a great idea. Well, as it turned out, Unique Photo was having a ‘photo walk’ and there were about 50+ photographers taking over the entire park. It was almost impossible to find an open area or to avoid other photographers from shooting my couple with their telephoto lenses. I guess I would as well if stumbled upon these two!

After battling the crowd, and 2 parking tickets later, Jen and Jeff went off to enjoy their cocktail hour while we photographed the amazing details at The Liberty House. The gorgeous flowers were done by my favorite NJ florist, Lisa, from A Touch of Elegance. The unique and intricate macrame bouquet and boutonniere wrap, as well as the bride and groom chair signs, were done by Jessica Foltz. The custom cake was by, Palermo Bakery. All of the other signage was by LittleMissFontsyPants. Of course, no party would be complete without entertainment, which was rocking thanks to  THE NERDS! DJ, Magic Moments, took over the party in between sets. Lastly, it’s always such a pleasure to work with my favorite cinematography crew of PF Films, with my friends Peter, Alison, and my beautiful fiance, Melissa.

Special thanks to Hasan and Tania for killin’ it with me! #pineapplesaveslives

Here’s their awesome day!



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