Philadelphia Museum of Art Engagement Shoot with Hillary & Blake

 Posted on August 26, 2011      by adrienne

My assistant, Lia, and I headed out to Philly last Friday for an engagement shoot with Hillary & Blake before their October wedding! We almost didn’t get to go, the weatherman was predicting rain!  Well, luck was on our side!  Not only did the rain hold off, but it was an absolutely beautiful day!  We met Hillary & Blake on the front steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  For those of you who don’t know it’s glory, please refer to Rocky I, II, and III.  I must say, I was tempted to throw my fists in the air and yell my own name out!  Clearly, I refrained.  Although, these two were such a fun couple, I think they probably would have enjoyed it!  We found so many spots to shoot in, even with some I had hoped to use being closed off for construction… next time!  We laughed (and sweated) through the day.  Ok… I sweated.  I must have cursed my jeans 50 times.  I had such a great time shooting these two, they were up for anything!  After we finished up at the museum, we headed down the street to “Love Park”.  I know everyone goes there for pictures, I try to stay away from the traditional, but c’mon, it’s a must on an engagement shoot in Philly!  We had such a nice time together, that we all sat down to a serious late lunch just across the street.  Oh, and thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioning!  After eating, I snuck my gear in for “1 more shot!”  This is the bookcase you’ll see below.  I loved it, and it was a must! I hope you guys enjoy the sneak peeks…can’t wait for the wedding!

How amazing are Hillary’s eyes?!

One of my favorite shots of the day!


Fooling around with some textures below.  Makes me think of Twilight!

I love Hillary standing on her toes here!



Great, happy smiles on the both of them!

“Eat your meal, then let me get one more shot!”  Hillary and I decided it would be best if we let Blake eat before trying this, he was a trooper!




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