Stefanie & Marco – The Atrium at STEM, Kean University

 Posted on February 18, 2016      by adrienne

Yeah, I know, I have a year and a half to fill in.  How about I start with Stefanie and Marco?   About a year before their wedding, we spent an afternoon at the Brookside Diner in Whippany, NJ,  creating what their day would be like.  They even shared their fries with me… swoon!  Being that they regularly make fun of each other on Facebook, I knew we were going to be a good match, but had only a small glimpse at what tremendously funny, yet passionate, people Stef and Marco are.  Their ceremony was at one of the coolest churches I’ve been to, Our Lady of Sorrows, Roman Catholic Church, South Orange.   Shorty after, we made our way over for photos and the reception at The Atrium at STEM, Kean University.  Here’s a small peek at their day!
Stef&Marco 1 Stef&Marco 2 Stef&Marco 3 Stef&Marco 4

Stef&Marco 5

Stef&Marco 6 Stef&Marco 7 Stef&Marco 8 Stef&Marco 9 Stef&Marco 10 Stef&Marco 11 Stef&Marco 12Stef&Marco 13

Stef&Marco 14Stef&Marco 15 Stef&Marco 16 Stef&Marco 17 Stef&Marco 18 Stef&Marco 19 Stef&Marco 20 Stef&Marco 21 Stef&Marco 22 Stef&Marco 23 Stef&Marco 24 Stef&Marco 25 Stef&Marco 26


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