The Real Housewives are The Real Thing!

 Posted on August 12, 2011      by adrienne

I had the pleasure of spending the better half of Wednesday with some of the cast from Real Housewives of New Jersey.  We met up with Caroline, Albie, Lauren, Chris, “Uncle Chris” and Jacqueline at their home.  They have an awesome water out called BLK, Check it out, they’re getting some amazing feedback from the people drinking it and are actually having health benefits!  Dining Out magazine (  is doing a feature on their new line of beverages and yours truly shot the pics for it!  Buy the magazine when it comes out! I took over their living room (my usual) with lights and equipment.  Once we got things rolling, it was all fun!  It was abundantly clear that this is a tight knit family!  They made each other laugh and hugged throughout the shoot.  Caroline is the kind of woman that you’d love to have as a mom.  Honest as can be, and tells it like it is… I love that in a person.  Jacqueline is sweeter than my favorite Entemann’s cake!  You just can’t help but smile at her. Albie, Chris and Lauren were great, I even got to spend some time with her, talking about boxing.  Chris “wowed” me with a taste of a smooth tequila from their beverage line called Tributo, it IS a bottle full of magic!

After all the work was done, Lia (my friend and assistant for the day) and I got to spend some time with Caroline as she watched us swallow 2 sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches in record time.  (She and I had not eaten all day!!)  We chatted for some time, telling her about our lives, showing her my scars (of course), and even gained an earful of great advice . Throughout this time Jacqueline was simultaneously getting ready to shoot for the show, cleaning, picking up toys, talking on the phone, all while still wearing her beautiful, white cocktail dress from our shoot and carrying her little guy on her hip!  Wow, she can do it all!  I had an excellent  time getting to know this beautiful family up close and personal for a day.  They really are normal people, with real life going on around them.  As we packed up, Caroline stopped by my car to say “good bye” .  I grabbed this quick shot with her just before she left. I was pretty disheveled by this point, but that’s ok!



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