Welcome to my blog!

 Posted on August 9, 2011      by adrienne

I’m super excited tonight to be creating my first blog post ever!! Welcome to my new website!  I’ve been working hard with One Roof Media to get the new site up and running, and I’ve gotta say, I LOVE IT!  I’ve spent the past, ohhhh let’s say 96 hours straight, picking favorites and resizing images.  Here’s an idea of what I look like right now…

Ahhhhhh yes, I give you that warm and fuzzy feeling don’t I?  All kidding aside, the work has been painless for me, and a joy.  Not sure if the same goes for my developer, who I’ve managed to stalk  and incessantly harass during this creative binge!  Good stuff, Marty!

To all my followers out there, I hope you enjoy the new site and blog!  I’ll be updating regularly so be sure to visit often!



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