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NY skyline photo

Liberty State Park Engagement Photos

Many people choose the beautiful Liberty State Park as the location for their engagement pictures. Not only is the obvious New York City skyline backdrop in plain site, but the iconic Rail Terminal is perfect for adding some texture and structure. Having photographed many portrait sessions in this popularJersey City park, the goal is to make something different and new for you to hang on your walls!

Easy Location for a Photo Session in NJ

Your best interests are in mind when discovering the perfect location for your engagement pictures. After a conversation, it's made clear what the most meaningful photographs would look like. You can practically see it on your walls before your session. Surprisingly, It could be your favorite pizza place and bar, or maybe where you went on your first date together. Many people find themselves connected to the New York City skyline which makes Liberty State Park a perfect place for some professional pics! There's a lot of space to move around with the opportunity to make many different photographs for your collection. If you're thinking about having a professional portrait session in New Jersey, reach out to discover the perfect place for your photos.

Location: Liberty State Park.