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Headshots Madison NJ

Emily is a young actress from New Jersey. She changed her look last year and was in need of update headshots for her auditions. When we talked about what type of look she was going for, the first thing out of her mouth was, "Moody and mysterious!" Well, if that wasn't music to my ears! One of my favorite ways to light is moody and dramatic. We experimented with a few different lighting styles and ultimately, this was one of our favorites. Since opening my photography studio in Madison, New Jersey, I've been doing more portrait photography. I want people to know that headshots aren't just for jobs, interviews, resumes, auditions, or linked in profiles. People (and their loved ones) often find that they want the photograph for other purposes. Emily's mom was picking her own favorites to hang in the house. Sometimes a simple headshot turns into a wall portrait displayed in the living room! I can produce anything from a simple comp card or portfolio to gorgeous hand assembled wall art. Where ever and whatever, I'm just happy to see photographs printed! If you would like to know a bit more about printed products and wall art, take a peek over here!

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