Asbury Park NJ Wedding Photo
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Asbury Park NJ Wedding Photo

High End Wedding Photography

What exactly does high end mean when it comes to a wedding photographer? Does it mean they are expensive? Does it mean they have better equipment? Does it mean they photograph celebrity weddings?Does it mean they show up dressed as formally as you are? Maybe. My opinion of high end is quantified in 4 things: luxury products, extraordinary service, a great experience and mastered skills. As Adrienne Longo Photography and Electric Love Films merge into Electric Love Studios, we are adamant about providing only the best we can possibly offer, no short cuts or work arounds. Your wedding or event deserves to be properly documented. Far too many times we have had friends of our clients tell us, they wish they didn't use their wedding photographer/videographer after getting their photos and videos back. Why? Well, I'm not here to talk about the mistakes of others. I'm merely planting the knowledge that we are professionals at lighting, managing timelines, allowing you to shine, not missing important moments, going the extra mile to get particular shot, never disappearing at the end of the night, and always assuring you're having a great time.

Choosing a Photographer is Personal

Picking a photographer is like walking down the ice cream aisle. There are so many different kinds to choose from. There are different brands that share the same flavors but for some reason, I love Breyers original chocolate. I grew up on it, the taste is awesome. It's simple and good. If we had 10 other people debating this, they might wonder why I didn't favor one with all the extras in it like candy or crunchies. Well, it's just a personal preference. I don't need the rest, I just want yummy ice cream. How does this tangent relate to photography?Well, you can find so many photographers that offer the same thing, that offer more things, that are less money, more money, more things for less money, less things for more money. I'm sure you catch my drift. It's about what YOU like. It's good to be picky about your wedding photographer. I should hope you are.

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