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Professional Headshots in New Jersey

Now that we are merging Electric Love Films and Adrienne Longo Photography, as Electric Love Studios, we want to bring light to some other work that we do! We have a beautiful portrait studio to fulfill on your actors comp cards, professional headshots, corporate headshots, staff team portraits, updated social media profile photographs, website bio pics, and much, much more! Sometimes when there's a group or practice, for example a legal team or medical practice, we come to your location to accommodate the amount of people being photographed. Melissa, films and produces amazing social media clips for small business as well as website into's, behind the scenes, office tours, real estate tours and love speaking events.

We specialize in Unique Business Headshots

We understand that you need to stand out from the crowd. After we create some multi-purpose looks, we have some space to create headshot photographs that differentiate you and your business from the rest. We will provide a variety of looks that will allow your marketing materials and imagery to pop and appeal to your potential clients.

We Listen to how You Want to be Seen!

Every photograph sends a message. When you come to us with your vision and intention, our interviewing process is an efficient way to get on the same page and make a plan that will deliver the exact message you want to convey. Whether it be for an audition, interview, new website, a book, business cards, or a new online dating profile pic, we take our time to understand what is important. It's also ok if you don't know those things, we will help you!

Headshots Aren't Just Basic Photos

Many people start off their inquiry by saying, "I only need a headshot", or, "It's just a headshot, no big deal." Though it may be true that you only require one really great headshot, the process by which we get to that awesome headshot is nothing basic at all. In fact, a true headshot photographer will not only be able to convey your message through a photograph, but will understand the proper and most complementary way light falls on your face, what positioning looks best for you, composition, and how to keep the process enjoyable and fun. I take many headshots in New York and New Jersey. One thing is clear, there isn't a template that is once size fits all. The process involves tweaking and sometimes I even totally change the lighting or background for a different feel.