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NJ Pet Portrait Photographer

NJ Pet Photographer

I'm always excited when we're having a pet photo session at the studio! Pet's are such a meaningful part in our lives and having professional pet portraits allow us to truly honor them forever. Sometimes we love animals more than people and that's okay! We can all agree that our pets are members of our family and what better way to honor that sentiment than to create some incredible artwork of your furbaby!

Imagine having the spirit of your cat, dog, or even ferret, captured for you to experience their greatness forever? We are all guilty of saying, "I wish I would have...", at some point in our lives. As your pet photographer, I'll create a story through a carefully curated series of photographs that will brighten your mood every time you look at them!

Your pet portrait experience will start with a discovery call to learn about the things you value most in your fur babies. We will book your session and schedule a time and date for both the pet portraits and the reveal/ordering session at our studio. If the same day is not available, we will schedule your reveal and ordering session for a different day within 1 week of the photoshoot. We'll tell a fabulous story and give you the opportunity to purchase exactly what you love! Our most popular and celebrated products are often wall art pieces and collections. We have many alternatives and options for just the right fit in your home, office or anywhere else you can think of!

Preparing for Your Pet's Photo Session

Pet parents often worry about their dog or cat's behavior in the photo studio as they would their own children. Let me ease your worries. Firstly, our portrait studio is located in a pet-friendly building. Secondly, we're expecting them to explore and sniff the gear. After they become acquainted with the space, we'll lure them toward the area we'll be taking photos in. We do have treats but feel free to bring your own, especially if they have dietary restrictions. Knowing that they may have a short window to work within, we'll be quick to capture the best photos of your pet. You may want to take your dog on a long walk prior to the photo session or some extra laser play with your cat.

Caldwell Pet Portrait Studio

Our studio space is located in The Wilson building right in downtown Caldwell, NJ. Our building was an old bank that was completely renovated in 2020 by our landlord, The Bravitas Group. We got the keys to beautiful Electric Love Studios in March of 2020 and had to close our door just two short weeks later due to the pandemic. We were lucky to keep moving forward in business safely and were able to flourish while taking care of our clients, even from afar.

Contact us to schedule your session!