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Friends Themed, Two Ceremony LGBTQ Wedding at Batello, Jersey City

Batello Jersey City Wedding Photos

Mia and Winnie picked the perfect venue for their Friends themed wedding. They knew long before the wedding how much they both valued the famous hit tv show, Friends. As city residents, they were hoping to continue the urban feel, introduce what they love and bring in the Manhattan Skyline view.

LGBTQ Wedding Photographer

In not just a New Jersey wedding photographer. I'm a female wedding photographer who is also a part of the LGBTQ community. I'm a provider in the Rainbow Wedding Network which is a handful of select wedding vendors that are inclusive to the LGBTQ community. Couples trust in me not just because I've been a photographer in NJ and NY for the last 10 years, but also because I specialize in gay weddings. My wife, wedding cinematographer of Electric Love Films, and I are always excited to provide service to ALL couples. We just happen to really understand the need and wants of LGBTQ couples. If you're searching for a LGBTQ photo and video team for your wedding at Batello in Jersey City, or anywhere for that matter, we would love to talk with you about your wedding day and wedding plans! Contact us here!

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Now that Batello has reopened, I'm so excited to talk to couples who are planning their weddings at this awesome, urban, loft like, yet intimate wedding venue. Batello temporarily closed a short time after this wedding. Now they are back, and better than ever! Had they opened sooner, my wife and I would have had our wedding there! There are so many great opportunities for wedding pictures at Batello. It has the feel of a Brooklyn wedding in a NJ location. If you are looking for a unique wedding venue in New Jersey, this is a place to check out. It's really worth your while.

Batello Wedding Photographer

I absolutely loved capturing Mia and Winnie's wedding at Batello. We met for breakfast one morning while they were still planning the wedding. I discovered all of the amazing wedding ideas and personal touches they were adding to their day. One of the most important challenges to these two brides was to execute 2 wedding ceremonies. That's right, 1 couple, 1 day, 2 ceremonies!

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Photos

Winnie was proud to share the Chinese traditions of "Door Games", self written contract agreements, and a Chinese Tea Ceremony. The ladies wrote hysterical contracts to one another and read them out loud, standing back to back. They didn't turn around to see each other until they both agreed to the contacts and signed them. It was witty, cute, and refreshing. Have you ever attended Chinese Door Games? Well EVERYONE SHOULD. We were laughing throughout the whole thing. Actually, I wish I could I have played, but someone had to document it. In Chinese communities, door games are fun dare like challenges normally set up by the bridesmaids for the groom to perform therefore demonstrating his love for the bride. This set of games was a little different in that, there was no groom. So they made it their own, and both competed in the challenges. This was FUN, FUN, FUN! From biting into hot peppers to hump dance balloon popping, both sides were in it to win it! After the first ceremony we walked around Batello while they were in their Chinese wedding outfits. Once we finished our wedding portrait session, they changed into their American wedding attire. The emotional and intimate ceremony displayed beautiful views across the Hudson River of the famous New York Skyline. The reception is where the Friends show references really fell into place. Even one of the bridesmaids perfectly recited Joey's memorable speech about "Giving and receiving" as her own personal dedication to the new couple. Mia and Winnie were literally crying from laughing so hard. Friends character face masks started to emerge in the crowd. Their Batello wedding photos are memorable, unique and different from the typical wedding vibe. This couple clearly didn't cave into typical wedding plans and truly made it their own.

If you're getting married at Batello in Jersey City, or even thinking about having a wedding in Jersey City, let talk about how we can create your own perfect day. Click here to contact us!

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