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We (Electric Love Films) and I are so excited to join forces! Yes, Melissa is my wife! Yes, we've been working together for 7 years. We finally decided to create an entity together to cater to our couple who want to hire the both of us under one package! New Jersey's premiere photo and video team is Electric Love Studios! If you're looking for a package deal you can simply inquire here!

NJ Wedding Photography and Videography Team

We absolutely love working together. We are an efficient team working on the same page to make your day go smoothly! What makes us efficient? Well, artistically, we have the same flare. I've worked on weddings where one moment the guys are are cool as the Reservoir Dogs for one of my photographs. Minutes later the video person has a totally different vision and has the groomsmen jumping in the air together doing jazz hands. I scratch my head sometimes wondering why anyone would hire such contrasting artists to work together. From a time standpoint, if video and photo don't have the same vision, we are now eating away at precious minutes to execute our separate plans. Having a photographer and videographer who can shoot the same thing at the same time is extraordinarily helpful. We both understand where the other needs to be. We also strive for the same lighting conditions. Granted, these are all things going on in the background that you, the client, don't need to be worrying about. I'm making this a point to say, sometimes video and photo can clash, and it really puts a damper on things. We're all professionals and truthfully find a way to make it work no matter what. However, when we have enough time in advance to educate clients about having a cohesive photo and video team that complement each other and work well together, it's positive for everyone involved. Our official website is under construction, but here's a quick clip of us together, hamming it up.

We can't wait to hear from you! Contact US!