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Park Chateau Wedding, East Brunswick: A Gorgeous NJ Couple has a Fall Wedding

Be sure to scroll down to read about features of having a luxury wedding at the Park Chateau.

Park Chateau Groomsmen Photo
Park Chateau Luxury Wedding

Fall Wedding at the Park Chateau, East Brunswick

The Park Chateau is an incredible new wedding venue in central New Jersey. When Michael, Rebecca and I had our first meeting, I was excited to hear about their plans to have their dream wedding at the Park Chateau. When you drive up the estate, it's visibly luxurious. 13 acres of lush greens, stone work, fountains, and incredible accent landscape lighting. No need leave, the Park Chateau can host your wedding from start to finish with an expansive bridal suite, lounge for the guys, and adorable chapel just outside in the courtyard. It just couldn't be any easier than that! Sometimes a venue will need to "flip the room" from a ceremony location to your reception. An onsite chapel is an incredible feature that not many venue's can say they have. Park Chateau is considered to be one New Jersey's top wedding venues, and I agree!

Rebecca & Michael's Wedding at the Park Chateau

We started the day early. I mean it was still dark outside kind of early! I don't think anyone really got sleep the night before but you would never know it. Excitement was in the air! I headed into the bridal suite to find Rebecca and her girls getting ready in the salon! We hung out with the ladies until Michael arrived. We all knew when the guys got there; a roar of laughter loudly echoed it's way down the hall. Once the two were ready, we headed out the the beautiful courtyard for their first look. It had been drizzling all morning but the weather gave us just enough time to capture some portraits and tuck the couple back inside as guests were arriving.

The Chapel at Park Chateau

Guests flowed into the perfectly designed chapel, anxiously awaiting Rebecca & Michael's Ceremony. What a cute place! I loved how intensely connected they were during the ceremony; rarely taking their eyes off each other.

Wedding Reception at The Park Chateau

The ballroom is extraordinary! The high ceilings and giant chandelier create such a grand vibe and ambiance. Rebecca and Michael partied the afternoon away with their closest friends and family. Rebecca must have a strong arm because she launched the bouquet right into the chandelier! My assistant had to fish it out with one of our lighting poles!

Wedding Photos at Park Chateau

Here are some of my favorite pictured from their wedding day. If you would like to know more about my services for your Park Chateau wedding, contact us here!